About The Company

Sheyna James Interiors focuses on providing a holistic approach to interior design centering on individuality, lifestyle & the human senses. We offer interior design consulting virtually and in-person as a means to make the interior design experience that much more affordable & accessible.

If you want a space that is curated specifically to your taste and unique lifestyle, welcome and thank you for stopping by!


We get it.

You just moved and maybe even combined households. How are you going to make everything fit and how is everything going to be cohesive and not hodge-podge?

Maybe you have lived in your home for years and just aren't loving the items you picked about five years ago because you pinned some ideas on Pinterest and made it come to life but it's just not your style anymore or maybe you just need a refresh.


Let us alleviate some of the load and help you figure out your next move. You don't have to overload yourself with so many great ideas.


We value collaborating and working closely with our clients. Our goal is to be able to infuse the client’s lifestyle and culture to create a unique, aesthetically pleasing and functional space for them to enjoy, feel safe and at home in, and share with others with a sense of pride. 


If this sounds like an experience you are interested in, let's get to know each other!

It's cool if you aren't ready to start a project. Why not take our freebie to help you with your space?


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Meet The Designer

Born and raised in the Bronx, New York (and proud of it!) located less than 30-minutes away from Manhattan, ignited my young curiosity and fueled my passion for art and design. The city's hustle and bustle attitude prepared me for fast-paced environments. As a child, I'd dabbled in all things art and design from drawing to painting to playing with play-doh or building with blocks to styling Barbie dollhouses. As a natural born creative, I'd dreamt of being a cartoonist (thanks to Saturday morning cartoons), a graphic designer and then an architect by the time I was in high school. 


Art is my first true love. While attending the H.S. of Fashion Industries where I majored in illustration and graphic design, I discovered interior design when applying to colleges. Architecture was still an interest of mine, but I decided to take a quiz to see what was the perfect major for me. Interior design combined so many aspects I loved; art, design, and problem solving but also included intriguing disciplines such as psychology and sociology. Though interior design had been here all along, it was a new world for me to explore. Interior design was and is the perfect blend of art and science.


Though I've created spaces in various styles for clients, my favorite design styles are Eclectic, Modern and Afro-Bohemian and I like to feature a few decor pieces in gold, brass or bronze.


(Cue Goldmember: "I love gooooold!")


When I'm not designing, you can find me reading a good novel or autobiography via Kindle or paperback, trying new restaurants or relaxing with family and friends.

University of Bridgeport: BS in Interior Design

Mother. Daughter. Wife. Creative.


Email: hello@ sheynajames.com

Phone: (203) 936 - 8768

Instagram: sheyna_james

Facebook: Sheyna James Interiors



Sheyna James 

Interior Designer | Owner

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