the goal

My goal is to not only design a beautiful and unique space for you but to also provide peace of mind knowing your needs and wants are being considered in doing so. To achieve this goal, a collaboration between client and designer is key to discovering and uncovering what is missing from your home and how I can help change that.


I would love to speak with you more about creating the space of your dreams for you and your family to enjoy for years to come. Book your Discovery Call or virtual consultation today and let's get started! 


Want to know more about the services provided?

"Work With Me" for our FAQ's & answers.


With a decade of customer service and a sales administrative background, problem-solving and client satisfaction is my focus.


I believe that design should always incorporate your lifestyle needs, your culture and should enhance your overall well-being.

In The Know

Always on the lookout for new furniture and art at trade events and showrooms to discover latest trends and find unique pieces curated especially for my clients.







My goal is to be as transparent as possible and  I love to collaborate. I educate and walk you through the process.


Communication is a big deal for me. Feedback, comments or concerns are always welcome.


I love blending design styles.

I understand the need to combine furniture from different households (I'm looking at you, newlyweds!)


I understand that not every person's style is obvious. Let me help you figure out it out. Pinterest boards are welcome. 

Working With Me

“Sheyna! I had no idea this is what you were putting together. I am BLOWN AWAY at how this looks. It really makes the space real and I wish I could have all the items arrive today to make this happen. ”

-Kim, New Jersey

“Absolutely love it! Like... all the way in love. Make me want to cry in love. Thank you! ”

-Yasmin, New Jersey

“OMG! I loovvvvveeeeee ittttt!
Girl, you put your FOOT in it! I just love this quilt and the adjustment you made to the pillows.
Seriously, I can see myself barricading myself in this oasis.”

-Sharon, Illinois


Sheyna James 

Interior Designer | Owner

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