eDesign, also known as online interior design and virtual design, has been a service designers have offered for years and is growing even more popular today.

If you have clients and have been in business for years, using 2D renderings, a method used in most eDesign companies,  in your business can showcase your ideas in a cost-efficient but impressive way that doesn't take years to learn the software.


eDesign can be a great side-hustle if you want an extra stream of income.

Not only is it a good way to supplement money, but its one way for young designers to get their foot in the door, have experience working one-on-one with clients, learn about vendors, and help build their portfolio. 


my why...


included in the course

➡ How to combine a 3D rendering as a template for a design scene


➡ How to create a full, layered scene in Photoshop

➡ Plus, a quick walkthrough of Photoshop plus supplemental info to help you get started.

➡ How to combine a 3D rendering as a template for a scene

➡ Furniture manipulation (change the orientation view)

➡ Other tools/resources I use(d) to streamline my process


This course is right for you if:

You are interested in eDesign

You want to improve your 2D rendering skills for client design concepts/ presentations

You want to add eDesign services to your offerings

You want to make money working for an eDesign company as a side-hustle 

march 9th !


are you ready to:

            BOOST your portfolio

            IMPRESS your clients



add an ADDITIONAL   
stream of income?

About the designer

I'm Sheyna Vilson, owner & principal interior designer of Sheyna James Interiors and founder of the ASPIRE.CREATE.INSPIRE blog.

I'm passionate about helping new and seasoned designers improve their rendering skills to use as a tool for presentation and to build their portfolios. I bring three years of experience working of completing eDesign projects both solo and working with Havenly, an online design service provider.


I know first hand how frustrating it can be to get your foot in the door with a little experience. Most times, you have to build your own opportunities and I've found that eDesign was one of those ways to get started.

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