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Personal Renovation: Sometimes, Your Next Creative Project Is YOU

May 30, 2019

Personal Renovation: Sometimes, Your Next Creative Project Is YOU.  + FREEBIE GUIDE



There's been something on my mind and heart lately that I just couldn't fully make sense of and I wasn't 100% sure of the way to go about it.


I noticed that I have a lot of personal blog posts about my road to success in my career. I found posts like this in other industries, but not so much in the interior design industry. I guess this could be because the generations before mine didn't talk about certain things or only the success story after it happens is what gets to be hyped, but I love a great underdog story. I love the nitty gritty, zig-zag, rugged road-to-success. That inspires me more than the end result.


Plus, I can relate more since that's where I am currently.


Since this is the kind of story I've craved after graduating college, I feel passionate when called to share my on-going journey as guidance for anyone who is on a similar journey as I am in interior design, mommyhood, life in general and entrepreneurship.


Also, honestly, it's therapeutic for me.


My version of success may not be the same as others, but I do believe we all have to do the "deep work" at some point and especially when thinking about starting a business or even leveling up in your career and life. You should definitely get clear on what it is you need to do to reach your version of success.


At the top of the year, I was determined to hit the ground running like I had in 2018 minus working for Havenly. (I'll talk about my time working for them in another post.)


I figured I can just focus on promoting myself to attract clients as I continue to work my 9-5, many of people do this theses days. It hasn't necessarily worked out as planned as when you commit to self-discovery and healing, it kind can become a full-time job as your peel back the layers. It is all necessary to building a STRONG foundation. 


The beginning steps to a strong foundation are the most important, I've come to realize. It seems obvious, but sometimes we need to be told it repeatedly to really have it sink in.

"Everyone wants to get to the end and skip the middle. The middle is where the miracles happen."

-Commanding Life (IG)

That's why, sometimes, the next renovation project you work on is YOU.

Strap on your tool belt, put on your hardhat, get your safety glasses and grab that sledgehammer, things can (and probably will) get durr-tay!


There's a few points in self-discovery that you have to hit before going further.


Before getting started, consider this one question in particular because it is verrry important:


What/who is or has been holding you back?


That's where the fun begins. This is where the real work starts because unless you are super self-aware, you can't even answer this right away. Once you can figure this out and at least commit to the willingness to let it go, then you can truly move on.


Just say, "I'm willing to let [insert the person/place/thing] go. I'm committed to my growth".


Of course, you can come up with other affirmations that resonate with you better. 







Do you have the necessary tools to move forward or do you need to take a moment to gather more resources? What lessons have been repeatedly presenting themselves to you? This isn't always easy to determine, at least not for me. 


I was hit with roadblock after roadblock when I tried to move the same way I did last year. After a while I realized I've hit a pivot point where I can't move as quickly, can't move in a daze and unable to grasp the happenings like last year.  I needed to pause, take a step back really take a look in the mirror and see what it is I need to focus on so that things can move smoothly again.


I came to find that I needed to completely demo certain aspects of my life including the "foundation" I currently had for my business and the mindset and beliefs I had about myself that were holding me back. I look back and see I have had moments like this where I had to make drastic changes, but this is the one time where I really paid attention and dug deep. This year, I had to back pedal some and take much needed rest breaks to catch my breath, dust off my clothes and prepare for the next stretch, the next hurdles, the next challenges in "isolation". Last year was a test of endurance to prove to myself that I can handle the hustle it takes to be successful as a business owner and interior designer while juggling my personal and home life.


That is one of the main lessons I have to learn in life: balancing work/home life by being present in both areas.




Finding your purpose in this lifetime and what your limitations are takes time and possibly some isolation to reflect on what comes naturally to you...what do you naturally enjoy doing? What are you good at? What are some of fears you have that can/have stop you from doing what you enjoy & are good at?


Experience is the best teacher. I have to remind myself this every time I feel stuck or confused or just being hard on myself.


It’s all for a reason. You can handle it. You're strong enough to get through it. All the mistakes and left turns you've made and will make are meant to serve as building blocks to become the person you strive to be.




Unlearn & unpack the beliefs and values we learned throughout your life based on what people told you and what you saw and experienced growing up.


Sometimes, this looks like throwing the whole thing away and starting over. 


This is where the nitty gritty unlearning stage begins in self awareness, what needed is to unlearned the things that no longer serves a purpose in your life? 

"My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor and some style"

-Maya Angelou



If you are starting out your career and/or business with a child, family members that depend on you, you have to be even more thorough about how your time is spent. For me, I can literally feel the tugs when I am moving too fast or overthinking too much or thinking way too far ahead. I can literally feel the invisible brakes being pumped. I'm sure you have felt this before. 


Take a break every now and again. Get some fresh air, let the sun shine on your face, meditate. There are so many different way to meditate like sound meditations (sound bowls, solfeggio frequencies which you can actually find on YouTube), guided meditations (I like the Headspace app) and just simply closing your eyes and breathing in deeply and slowly.

If you are interested in digging deeper, I've created a guide with some steps that can help you get started on rebuilding or strengthening your personal and business foundation. 




It's FREE, all you'll need to do is enter your email and you will be sent the guide straight to your email address. In the guide I share quick-and-easy tips on how you can move forward on your entrepreneurial path and hit less roadblocks on the way.


Also included in this quick tip guide, you will receive my book list including newly added books. 


It's a perfect way to build your summer reading list!

I'm working on a workbook that will include probing questions to really get you thinking and start doing the deep work to better your life and your business. Let me know if you would be interested in this!




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Sometimes, I do share some deep thoughts in my stories as well. I'll be working on transferring this to my blog's Instagram account soon for further open discussions.


You can always email me as well at hello@sheynajames.com if you have any questions or concerns!













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