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July 11, 2019


I've seen my business shift.


Already. Even after just a year in. 


I started out on one path to realize half way down it just didn't feel right. I needed to change a few things so it would feel more authentic to who I am and even who I am becoming as a person and what I want my brand/business to reflect.


Since making these changes, I noticed even more changes in regards to my interests and what I truly value and believe. I have a huge interest in astrology and the like. It's always been a deep interest of mine and it's been coming to the forefront of my mind so I didn't dare deny it, I decided to ride with it as I have seen how others have applied this to their businesses in various ways in various industries.


Doing what feels right aka following my intuition.


I went from wanting to stick to a general interior design approach to shifting to a popular niche (think: HGTV-esque) to then a specific blend of styles and approaches that fit what I would love to offer. For my design style and approach, it made perfect sense to honor my roots in every way: a holistic approach to adding modern/eclectic style (influenced by growing up in NYC) + Afro-Boho design touches (a blend of my ancestral roots).


What does that mean? It means providing a service that is truly intuitive based on the needs & wants of my clients while adding my flare to the design with a positive flow therefore the design doesn't rely solely on the technical terms of design.


No cookie-cutter designs over here and no judgement. There's no such thing as a bad idea/concept. We can make it work. 


The design needs to fit the energy required for the client to reach their level of balance in life. More than just a pretty space, but a sanctuary for rest, relaxation and a boost in creativity/productivity. 




Sometimes you have to see others make the switch in their businesses and lives so that you can be inspired to add your own personal twist to yours.


Dare to be different.




When you've realized where your path is leading you (that invisible tug-o-war you feel in your mind and heart) and you've surrendered to the changes, that's where you'll discover your superpower and your purpose. It'll be made clear to you what those are. 


Everything you do from that moment of discovery on should reflect what enhances the two, from your core values (constantly reflecting and refining your truths based on your personal experiences & lifestyle changes ie: relocation, new employment, marriage, pregnancy /newborn) to your confidence and faith in self.


You know what helps? Sharing your journey with others.

Putting yourself out there.


Share your journey not just the successes/triumphs but also the obstacles, keep a journal to help you record your thoughts and reflect or write a blog post. Share your passions and figure out how to merge your passions with your skills and profession to live a FULL life of happiness even when the going gets tough. This will keep you get motivated and to overlook the obstacles you will inevitably face as your ascend in your life through growth.



Challenges = growth opportunities.

Growth opportunities = being closer to fulfilling your life’s purpose.



Balance is key when it comes to enhancing your mind, body soul/spirit, though.


Do a personal assessment. Listen to Myleik’s podcast about recharging, refreshing and recommitting to your goals and to yourself this summer.


Repeat for each season of your life (basically each annual quarter). Then reflect and recommit at the top of each quarter and year.


Get excited! 


Your time to shine is on its way. Sooner than you think.


It may not be in the way you hope but it will bring you closer to your end goal. Once you change your perspective, it will become more and more clear the small shifts are in alignment for the bigger picture.


Some questions to ask yourself:


  • What do you need to maintain a healthy balance between these areas (mind, body, soul/spirit)?

  • What can you do to achieve this?

  • What is important to you?

  • Who is important to you?

  • What does happiness look like to you? 

  • What’s your end goal?


Not sure how to answer these questions? Drawing a blank? Good! You know where to focus your growth now.


Don’t spend too much time in the future planning for things that have yet to manifest. Use these questions and methods to work backwards to create a roadmap of sorts and a checklist/to-do list/ goals (daily, monthly, quarterly/annually). 


"...give the making of future plans only a small amount of energy. And once future plans are made...release [your] attachment to them."

                                                                                      - "All About Love" by bell hooks


Leave a comment if this post sparked a light in your mind/heart. Feel free to email me or DM me on Instagram as well.


I'm a strong believer in community over competition. I have no issues sharing what has helped me on my personal journey and I encourage you to share what you know with others!


You never know who needs to hear what you have to say. 





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