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How To Be The Perfect Client

April 28, 2018

How to be the perfect client 



Now, I know you are probably thinking, "What are you going on about? What do you mean the perfect client?"


Honestly, it really doesn't take much to be a perfect client. You don't have to be a perfectionist or look a certain way or do anything special. I want you to be you, the best you, just like you would like or me, your designer, to be at my best. 


A lot of people think interior designers are these pompous a-holes who just go around telling you your house is atrocious and you need to throw the whole house away


I'm not like that and most interior designers/decorators aren't either. I enjoy keeping things that are special to you and incorporating it into your new design. I'll only advise you to throw the whole house away if it's affecting your health, literally falling apart or if you ask me if you should and you already put thought into it.


So, you may have an idea of what to expect when working with an interior designer or maybe you don't?


Interior designers are here to help you with honest feedback, keep your best interests in mind while being realistic and practical (we are open to wild ideas, too though!) and make sure your home/space is what you want, need and more!


Now, if we fit the bill after the the in-person meet and greet, we proceed to pay the fee for the initial consultation phase and we come to your home to see the space we will work on. You love the ideas we have so you proceed to sign the contract. Everything is great. The contract will state the expectations that will be expected of us and what is expected of you. As a heads up, here's what would make the entire process run smoothly by you being the "perfect client".



How to be the perfect client 

  • be responsive

-life happens but the same way I have to be transparent and communicate any issues, it is only right to return the action 

  • Be respectful 

-of my time and deadlines 

-of me as a professional & as a human being 

  • Be engaged

-collaborate with me! This is your space and I want you to love it. With eDesign, I will not be able to see it in person (unless you are local) so, it’s my job to help you visualize the space but your job to help me see your vision 

  • Be open minded

-I’m not a mind-reader and I won’t always get the design right on the first shot. That should be okay especially in the idea stage and initial concept. 

  • Be honest 

-let me know your feelings when you have them. I can take it! I would rather have you say, “you know what, Sheyna? I’m really not feelin’ those drapes. I’m thinking something more abstract or moody” and I’ll go back to the drawing board. The more we communicate, the easier I can find the right solution to your problem, especially with eDesign projects.


See, that wasn't so painful! You probably are the perfect client to the designer who matches your design style, who you connect instantly with. Since technology and the internet have allowed interior designers and decorators to design for clients that are in different states and even different countries, communication is huge so be honest, straight-forward and open-minded. As you would want your designer to be respectful with their mannerisms, including timely responses and deadlines, it is expecting of you as well. 


I would love to be the perfect designer for you. Are you working on a move? Need some inspiration or tips on styling/decorating your current space? Is your layout just not working anymore?


Work with me via Havenly and if you are in the local Southern Connecticut/NYC area, let's work in person! To work with me in person, shoot me an email to: hello@sheynajames.com


Feel free to follow me on Instagram: @sheyna_james and subscribe to my blog (you can use the subscribe form on the right hand side of this page or scroll to the bottom)




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