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PROJECT: Urban Art-Deco Living/ Dining Area-PART TWO

April 7, 2018

 PROJECT: Urban Art-Deco Living/ Dining Area PART TWO


This luxury apartment has 180-degree views of downtown NYC and luckily, the dining area is one of the areas that gets to have the skyline as it's backdrop this New Jersey apartment needed to be nothing less than fabulous. As with the living room area, luxury and comfort didn't have to be compromised here. 


I could not wait to get started with brainstorming ideas boards for this space as it needed to be cohesive with the living room area. I continued to design with gold accents with classic details, but modern comfort and appeal.

The slideshow above shows my initial ideas for the space. 

Idea 1: I decided to go with a monochromatic color scheme. The table is light, not too heavy to the eye. A main concern my client had was the dining table surface not being durable enough. She was worried about the tabletop being stained from the crafts she and her daughter like to do. 


Idea 2: I introduced acrylic on this board as an option and I found a rectangular table that is 60", perfect size for the dining area. The dining table is sleek and definitely is a statement piece along with the halo chandelier she currently owned (I loved this chandelier sooooo much).


Idea 3: I thought maybe introducing a color here would be interesting. Since I saw my client had green velvet on her Pinterest boards, I thought, why not? Green, blush, gray, white, and gold. Luckily, these West Elm dining chairs come in different colors in case she want a different color, ie gray or navy.

My client voted for idea #1, monochromatic with gold accents. The vision for the dining room concept was one that is classy, sleek, modern, yet comfortable space. Since it is an open concept space, it was necessary to have a cohesive theme with the living room. I love the style of the bar stools and the design of the base of the dining table. The base allows light to reflect off the brass and let's light shine through making an interesting shadow effect when the sun casts through the windows. 


My client has a vintage camera collection including the equipment. I was immediately interested in displaying them in the living area in acrylic cubes as these would be conversation starters and a great way to store the cameras. I was thinking we can do the acrylic cubes or acrylic rectangular prisms. The bar cart could be housed under the display so it will be easy to access at the dining table and also easy to move to the bar wall. 


After my client saw the concept she suggested in her feedback different chairs, table, and bar stools. She did mention wanting to see the Milo barstools from idea 3 which I was so happy about because I thought they were GORGEOUS... I really love them plus, the chairs and table work well with the Milo barstools. 

 Here is the concept showing the barstools she suggested

 Here is the concept showing the Milo barstools from AllModern along with the dining table and chairs she suggested.


Here is the concept from another angle...facing inland

"When I was designing the dining room, I thought of lightening the space with light gray and brass. I chose a dining table that wasn't heavy on the base and lightweight chairs as well.  In your feedback, you suggested different chairs, table, and bar stools. I'm glad you mentioned wanting to see the Milo barstools because I really love them. I think the chairs and table work well with the Milo barstools. They create a sophisticated look that is similar to the living room. Perfect match. 


I included artwork as inspiration when looking at local artists' artwork, but definitely feel free to purchase the "Colors of Morocco" artwork from Society 6 and/or the ones I listed as alternatives under."

The main reason I named this space, "Urban Art Deco Living Room/Dining Area" is because my client likes a mix of modern style with a nod to classic aesthetics. The brass finishes, mirrored walls, lucite/acrylic, and velvet just screamed to me 1920's New York Art Deco- era. This project and client have been one of my favorites to date. ICYMI, check out the living room here!


Lucky for me, my client asked me if I was interested in taking a shot a designing her daughter's room! Of course, I said YEAH! 


You can check out more on my Instagram post hereI will be doing a post explaining the process in the next coming weeks. 


Also, I have a few some ideas for upcoming blog posts to help anyone that may have a difficult space.


If you have any questions space planning related, how to spruce up an outdated space, etc. leave a comment below & I will be sure to make a post, just for you! Depending on how lengthy it is, I can create a checklist on what you need to do.


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