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Lessons I've Learned This Year That Can Help You In The New Year

December 30, 2017


started this year with three categories of goals:


-Build a better, healthier version of me 

-Start my career

-Build & maintain relationships


In each category, I set five small goals to complete over the course of the year in an attempt to complete my main goals.


As the year went on, I was able to complete some of the small goals, but sh*t was it hard!


Mix in and scramble in some of life's many tests of will and strength and BOOM, you are thrown on your ass to think about life and your purpose.


I had two of those moments this year. So many emotions and so many doubts. Luckily, after some heart to heart the second time, I was able to cry it out and breathe with a clearer mind. I was determined, excited and anxious to hit the ground running. 


It seems 2017 has really been an eye-opening year for many people I want to share the lessons I've learned this year as a way to reflect and say goodbye to 2017. I won't miss you, 2017, but you are an OG for helpin' a girl sort her mind out.


Lessons I've Learned This Year:


-Be consistent. Consistency is truly key to being successful in anything we do.


-Don't listen to the negative talk in your head. Instead, sit and reflect on why those thoughts are there. Use a journal if need be to help work through those thoughts and reread at a later time. 


-Don't apologize for doing what is right for you. Be selfish. Make sure you are taking care of number one before you take care of anyone else. How can you pour from an empty cup. Fill yourself up with some TLC with that self care!


-Trust the process & be patient. My fav. It took me almost all year to make a final decision to set out on being an entrepreneur. I have always wanted to work for myself, but I have always been thought I have to learn directly from an interior designer before even thinking of striking out on my own. Thankfully, I landed my position at Havenly and I do what fills my cup, makes me happy. I'm tired because I technically work two jobs now (not including being a mom to an energetic preschooler), but I used to feel drained and was doing less. My brain is happy, my heart is happy so, I am so happy...I happily stay up late working on projects.


-Don't allow fear to limit your success. Another fav. I kept going back and forth about being afraid to start a business, an interior design business, but what is life if you aren't afraid?





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