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Time Flies When You Become A Mom: A Reflection On Motherhood Entering Year 3

December 14, 2017





I have been a mom for three whole years... I just have to say WOW... it has been such a ride so far. I know many of you can relate whether you are a caregiver or close relative of  a young child. It is such a life-changing experience watching and experiencing the changes a child goes through as they grow.


There are so many milestones that they reach in such little time!


I remember feeling my son's little kicks for the first time.

I remember the first time I held him.

I remember the feeling of sadness and disappointment I felt when my fiance told me my son took his first steps and texted me the videos while I was at work.

I remember just reminiscing of my son last year only babbling and trying to form words/phrases.


In a blink of an eye, almost out of nowhere, he's actually speaking, holding conversation with us and attempting to negotiate with my fiance and I; he even adds appropriate facial expressions! It is just so amazing seeing his progress. He continues to amaze us with his easy-going, adventurous, friendly, caring, curious and energetic personality.


The way he is able to make a friend any time we go to the park, the way he builds his blocks and adds people and animals to the landscape, the way gets so excited when he learns something new, it just warms my heart. We sing and laugh and we have our not-so-perfect days and I wouldn't change it at all. 

Three years have gone by and I am so lucky to be this little human's mother. I'm glad he chose me. I'm glad he chose us to be his parents. We are so lucky.


Here's to another year of learning to be a better parent to our little human.

Here's to working harder to build a strong foundation for him to grow and prosper on and in.

Here's to be another year of amazement.

I know this isn't design-related, but I like to add posts like these for anyone who does read my posts who could possibly relate to me as not only a designer, but as a parent, a woman. It is so important to me that my potential clients, future employers, etc are able to see the real me. I feel how I look on paper just doesn't justify all that I have to offer. I strive to be the person I wish I had when in school and even someone I could use right now. 


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