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Ten Holiday Gift Ideas For Your Special Designer

November 30, 2017

10 Holiday Gift Ideas



-quality chunky knit throw: It's getting colder outside and I don't know about you, but I LOVE chunky knit throw blankets! I have a chunky knit scarf that I wish was huge like Lenny Kravitz' epic scarf (I have no shame).



-wine/ champagne glasses: This should be an automatic unless your designer isn't the drinking type... that's not a large percent I think. Anyway, I love wine. I'll pass on the hard liquor for some smooth red or white wine.




-wine/champagne: If you are going to give your designer glasses, you might as well bring some booze to put in their new gift!




-coasters: I guess I'm really concerned about getting my fellow designers tipsy, but at least coasters will prevent rings from the wine glasses full of wine you got them.. talk about win-win-win.


 -artwork: Please support your local artists if/when you can! We should all invest in artwork. I'm sure your designer will more than happy to receive an original piece of artwork for their home. It doesn't have to be a huge canvas, 8" x 10" will suffice. 



 -iPad Pro: This isn't something I'm getting for Christmas, but honestly, technology is so beneficial to us when out on a design consultation with a potential or existing client. The ability to show our work on a tablet and being able to make changes to our plans/drawings in minutes is just amazing. This is ideal for a designer just starting out if they haven't already invested in one.


-padfolio/tablet case: I'm literally giving you options that go together, two-for-one's. Get your designer a stylish padfolio/tablet case. A perfect way to "wow" a client and display it in a tasteful bundle.


                                                                  stationery/ office supplies: I am always running out of pens from either losing them, "lending" them to someone and never seeing it again or, obviously, they run out. Also, sticky notes are my jam. Quick and easy for reminders and notes. 





-stylish planner: Help your designer stay organized. I'd ask them if they have a particular planner they love first. I really love Passion Planner  because it focuses on goals I'd like to set and holds me accountable to reflect on the goals I set, what I accomplished or didn't accomplish, and to clear my mind of the many thoughts I have a day.


 -massage/spa day: You can and should get this for any hard-worker you know. It's easy to get caught up in work and neglect your own personal needs like a day-off, no thoughts of work of any kind, just relaxation. 





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