Quirky Modern Colonial

Boy's Room

floor plan

design concept

Fun, Quirky, Able to grow with child

Pattern-Play, Vintage + Modern Art Prints


This young family of 4 decided it was time to trade-in their NYC lifestyle and Brooklyn apartment for the quieter and more spacious life in Westport, CT.


My client, Katie, wanted a space where her son could play, sleep and have friends and kid relatives stay over as well. Initially, she wanted skateboard decks mounted on the wall but decided against it since her 4-year old wasn't into skateboards, at least not yet.



Final design​

So colorful and full of patterns, but fit for a child at any age. With the main furniture pieces being age-neutral, my client can effortlessly change out the decor and accessories to meet her son's interests. 


The soothing blue wall paint plus the bright red toy storage, army green dresser and blue and white spotted rug are a unique combination that flows with the cartoon characters displayed on the bedding and in the art.


And don't forget about the modern cage ceiling light fixture and tripod floor lamp.

Sheyna James 

Interior Designer | Owner

(203) 936-8768