10 Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas

10 Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Mother's Day is on May 12th this year which means you have only a few days to grab something special for the mother(s) in your life!

I'm all for a nice brunch or dinner at a swanky restaurant followed by a delicious dessert (tres leches, por favor) and that's what I plan to do with my husband, son and mom.

Some people like gifts, others like to be taken out to eat.

The usual bouquet of flowers are great unless your lady is allergic.

Maybe you want to be different this year, but ran out of ideas?

Gift buying can be hard.

I gotchu!

In case you are stumped on what to buy, I have made a simple list of last minute Mother's Day gifts to get your mind juices flowing.

**DISCLAIMER: Some links are affiliate links which may result in me receiving a small commission. If you do decide to buy via the link, I definitely appreciate it!

My 10 Last Minute Mother's Day Gift Idea Picks

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1. Ona Black Essential Oil Diffuser $79.95

The best gifts are the ones you can use. What a way to help your special lady relax at home.

Also, how adorable is this diffuser?

2. Vitruvi Essential Oils

Pack of 5 $50

Don't forget tot grab the essential oils to add to the diffuser!

Grab a pack of 5 for your lucky lady can try them out and see what she likes.

3. Prong Fruit Bowl, Terracotta $64-$84

This unique piece can hold fruits and a conversation at the table.

4. Duo Candlestick in Black $58

Another unique, but simple piece for when you all gather at the dining table for special occasions.

5. DW Home Relaxing Lavender Candle $16

This is my favorite candle. It has helped me unwind right before bed to journal or meditate.

You can try to find it at Home Goods or use the link to purchase directly from the company.

6. Cravings by Chrissy Teigen $14.99

Spring is here and Summer will be coming shortly.

Light fare will be the choice so why not inspire your loved one with a cookbook ?

7. The Sunset Velvet Pillow (18x18) $59.00

Such a lovely color to brighten up any space. And, it's a plush VELVET.

Buy one for an armchair, buy two for a sofa.

8. Terracotta Stacked Planters $58.00 - $86.00

Does your loved one have plants? Grab these innovative and chic planters.

You can use the smaller side to start and then flip it when the plant grows!

9. Bloomscape -Beginner Plants + Pot $35 and up

If your loved one doesn't have plants, but you think they'll love one why not gift them plant & pot to get started?

I linked the easy-to-care plants that thrive even if you forget

about them. Plants filter the air, what's not to love

10. SoJo Spa $50 Weekdays / $75 Weekends

I've heard great things about this spa. Just scrolling through the pictures, it seems like the perfect place to be pampered.

BONUS GIFT IDEA: Spring has sprung! Spring cleaning is in full effect and our homes are in need of a refresh, re-arranging, and a bit of purging.

Why not gift a design consultation or an eDesign package!

From concept to install, we'll collaborate to design a space that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but creates an environment that speaks to the mind, body & soul.

I'm offering FREE on-site or virtual consultations until May 23rd!

Home is where you re-energize before taking on the day ahead. Home should also be a place where you can't wait to get back to, a place you want to share with others.

It's cool if you aren't sure if you need an

Interior Designer.

You can book a FREE 15-Minute Discovery Call!

We'll talk about your potential project and see if

we're a good fit.

Design Consultations are a great way to get advice & tips on how to implement your plans for your space from a professional.

Book a virtual or in-person consult FOR FREE until May 23rd. After that day, virtual consultations are $85 for an hour & in-person consultations will be $150 for 2 hours.

Out with the old, in with the new!

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