Tips to Survive March Madness: & I Don't Mean Basketball

With the roar of the lion that is the month of March, we are also introduced to

the effects of Mercury Retrograde...


You may or may not heard of people stressing out about this astronomical phenomenon recently, but I promise it's not all bad. The principles and lessons behind this event are actually beneficial.

Also, it officially starts tomorrow.

Don't fret.

I'll break down the effects and what you can do to survive the madness

in both your physical space and mental space.

First off, what is Mercury Retrograde anyway??

You can find a quick reference here.

Basically, Mercury controls communication (the way we speak and think). Now, with technology, Mercury has influence over our telecommunication and internet connections. So, when the planet is in retrograde, it "appears" to move backwards which as you can expect, can and will cause some issues, confusion and mistakes.

I love how Imani aka The Hood Healer on Instagram explained this phenomenon the other day. Her description went something like this:

Think of when you were a kid and your mom would ask you to clean up your room. You'd push clothes, toys and other junk under your bed, in closets, in drawers to make it seem like you did your job and have a sparkling clean room. Mercury Retrograde is basically your mom pulling all of your stuff out that you thought you expertly pushed out of sight and out of mind.

Mercury is going to help you get your act together during these retrogrades. Yes, I said retrogrades with an "S". You may not know this, but this happens three to four times a year for about three weeks (not including the shadow periods before and after) every year!

So, what can you do once its here?

Glad you asked.

It's simple: Get your head and space into the game.

Let's start with your physical space.

As an interior designer, I can help you create a unique and beautiful space that reflects your personality, culture and aesthetics , but ultimately you have to maintain it for it to stay the way the design was implemented.

That's what we should focus on during Mercury Retrogrades; maintaining our space by cleaning up and clearing out the clutter. It's almost Spring which means it's almost Spring Cleaning time anyway.

Look at that perfect timing!

Tips to Survive March Madness aka Mercury Retrograde:

Managing your Physical Space

1. Get rid of all of the things that don't fit you or your current lifestyle.

Donate the shoes and clothes that no longer fit you or even that worn out chair that you've been meaning to toss.

2. Redecorate and reorganize your space

When your space has a refresh, you are more likely to have a different perspective about your space. You can get inspired by the designs in my portfolio, Instagram page or even purchase my "Be Inspired" eDesign package which will help you see your space differently. No need to purchase new furniture unless you really want to!

All you gotta do is: Buy some art that you love! Fluff those pillows! Change those bedsheets and curtains! Light some candles! Buy some living plants! (Tip: Succulents are easy to care for.)

3. Give your space some TLC by breaking out the cleaning supplies!

Maybe your space just needs some elbow grease and Fabuloso. Get to scrubbing and sweeping and see how much lighter your space feels.

Tips to Survive March Madness aka Mercury Retrograde:

Managing your Mental Space

"The relief is in the release." -Imani Cohen

Honestly, you can do all of the same things you do in your physical space with your mental space. Let me explain.

1. Clear your mental space of any clutter.

What does that look like? Well, it can be as simple as journaling or having a girls' night with your favs to let a good cry out or it could be a little more complex like finding and hiring a therapist or social worker to talk through any thing that can or has been holding you back.

You can also light some lavender scented candles or incense, meditate, practice yoga, go for a walk. Lighten the mood/energy in your space. Let the thoughts flow, acknowledge the negative feelings, hear them out and send them on their way by letting them know you can take care of yourself now! You've got this!

2. Communicate clearly.

Now more than ever, take extra care to dot those i's and cross those t's. Communicate in a way that not only you understand, but in a way that other people will understand, as basic and simplified as possible if need be. It may seem tedious, but it covers you butt in case the person misinterprets what you said and you can be like just do this afterwards:

Get everything in writing and refrain from signing any new contracts if you can. Remember, all types of communication are affected.

Honestly, this is just a great practice to do year-round, being thorough and diligent!

3. Self-care method: Treat yo' self!

Take a day off from your normal hustle and bustle and enjoy the smell of Spring on the way in the crisp air. Get your nails done, indulge in your favorite ice cream or other treat, or watch that movie/show you have been meaning to watch.

Whatever your interest is, do it!

Is there a hobby or talent you have left on the shelf for far too long that you have been itching to get back into? Pick it up again. Just carve out some time for you to do what YOU want to do.

Self-care is a must and should no longer be look at as a luxury.

Buckle up because we will be stuck on this ride for the next three weeks plus the "lovely" bonus two weeks of the shadow phase.

You've got the tips to help you make the most of this retrograde and the retrogrades to come. Definitely do your own research if you want.

As long as you are mindful and do your best to go with the flow of things, you should survive this period with minimal bumps or bruises.

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