Inspire Your Heart With Art: Selecting Art For Your Home

Inspire Your Heart With Art: Selecting Art For Your Home

Today is National Inspire Your Heart With Art Day, a made-up holiday that should be more well-known, if you ask me.

I'm an artist first, designer second and a self-proclaimed art enthusiast.

Art has been apart of my life from an early age. I studied and majored in art in high school where I was able to partake in activities and explore art media forms such as painting, drawing, working with different materials (cray pas, pastels, charcoal, ink), photography, mixed media, and computer programs like Photoshop. We studied different art styles/techniques, art periods and famous artists. I grew to really appreciate art and the artists who create it.

That being said here's my big, honest opinion: no one should leave their walls bare.

Have you noticed how just adding framed pictures of you and your loved ones up on the wall completely transforms a space?

Now add a piece of art that speaks to you.


Now, your soul is really being spoken to with both sides of your heart being fulfilled!

How to select art for your home:

The key is to select art that you love, art that makes you feel deep emotions, makes you feel:

  • empowered

  • inspired

  • in complete awe

Any media will do. Whatever catches your eye. And don't feel compelled to only purchase art at big-box stores.

Invest in and support local artists. Having original works of art is so special! I completely understand budget can be an issue, but saving for the right piece will always be best.

Also, art is not just paintings. There is art in sculptures, pottery, and other decor pieces.

If you need some help in the art selecting department, here are some of my favorite artists that I follow on Instagram. Since tomorrow is the first day of Black History Month, I dedicated this list to solely Black Artists.

Click the pictures to go to the artists' websites!

Artist: JD Baez

Instagram: @bk_baez

Artist: A'Driane Nieves

Instagram: @addyeb_art

Artist: Brionya James

Instagram: @godtaughtartist

Artist: Adrienne Muse

Instagram: @iam.muse

Artist: Cesar Ngabo Desire

Instagram: cesar_does_it

Artist: Sydney G. James

Instagram: @sydneygjames

Artist: Basil Watson

Instagram: @basil.sculpture

To wrap up the list, I wanted to shout-out an amazing group of makers/creators and creatives over at Black Artist + Designers Guild, founded by artist Malene Batelier (Instagram: @marlenebatelier).

Please head on over to their website to see the amazing talent and the mission I hope to join later this year.

This year, you owe it to yourself to surround yourself with meaningful things, beautiful things and experiences, of course.

Invest in what you LOVE not just what you LIKE. That goes for everything in life, and especially things you allow to occupy space in your home.

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