PROJECT: Urban Art-Deco Kid's Bedroom

PROJECT: Urban Art-Deco Kid's Bedroom

Do you remember the Urban Art-Deco Living Area & Dining Area I did blog posts of a few weeks ago?

I was lucky enough to be hired to take a shot at my client's daughter's new bedroom. My client described her daughter as "equally fab" and highly creative when cooking and crafting. Like any child, she has plenty of toys so storage was key along with keeping things out of sight as much as possible. Not so much like other kids, my client's daughter aspires to be a YouTube star. Her spunk and energy can definitely make that possible. My job is to create a space that is flexible by allowing my client's daughter to play, work and sleep and be cool enough for any future influencer.

Ah, designing this space was super nostalgic especially when my client's inspiration pictures included loft beds! I remember growing up I used to gather chairs or any tall surface really, to hang a sheet from and crawl under there with my Barbies and other toys creating scenarios, whole lives being played out. The drama, the fun... My client's daughter likes to create tents/forts so adding drapes to the bed was perfect for a gigantic imaginary world to come alive. Another special request was for a pod swing for reading by the window. How whimsical and awesome is that!

When speaking on the color scheme of the space, my client stated her daughter would like "a colorful and vibrant room" including African prints possibly with white, hot pink, orange, red colors along with birch and natural wood finishes. Also, the materials cannot be too sensitive since my client's daughter is "crafty and messy"... makes sense. Durability makes sense in any child's room.

Above are my initial ideas for the bedroom

My client decided idea board 1 was the closest to their vision so I moved quickly into the design concept stage shown below.

I wanted to create a space with the color scheme that she chose that is playful but also mature so she could enjoy this space as she gets older. Since the loft bed is fully open at the bottom, it is a flexible space. I was thinking for this bed, the tv could be mounted on the wall and a seating area can be placed under the bed with curtains on the frame. Her daughter can create forts and play with her toys there and also she can lounge and watch tv. The desk can be on the opposite wall with her computer. The curtains could also act as a backdrop for recording videos, like a mini studio.

I really love the wallpaper since it has metallic gold on the design and is such a vibrant orange. Having the big furniture neutral, as you know, allows the colors to come from the decor and accessories. Initially, I wanted to use the Luna bookcase from Pottery Barn in her bedroom, but because of the light switch location on the wall by the door and the door swing, it was best to look into a different option. I ended up adding narrow acrylic wall shelves from CB2 to display her books and acrylic cubes to display her unique toys.

Since I have never been in a hanging chair, I did not expect it to be a wide as it is. Usually, people would mount them from the ceiling to save space but I don't believe that would be a good idea in an apartment building plus my client wanted it with the stand so I accounted the space for that in the floor plan I created (shown below).

Floor plan for girl's bedroom

My vision for this space was one that is playful, vibrant and multifunctional. The mix of wood with bold orange, hot pink, white and gold create a modern and artsy Moroccan-style room.

--Scroll down to see the final renderings!--

I absolutely loved working on this project and enjoyed collaborating with my creative, talented and pretty bad ass client!

Being new in the eDesign realm, I needed a client such as her to be open to ideas that are simply adding a few decorative items together. She wanted me to push the envelope and have fun with it and I surely did!

I can't wait to see the update photos as they settle into their new home!

Would you feel comfortable having orange or any bold colors on your walls? What about a installing a swing inside your home?

Let me know in a comment below what you think of this space.

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Stay tuned for more to come!

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