Planning My Year: What's Working & What Needs To Stop

We are officially over one week into 2018 and I've seen someone say February 1st is the real star of the year, January is just a trial month. I am here for this! I started this year with three clients, one of which I would be designing two rooms for so, to say I have been busy is an understatement. I am still trying to get the hang of time-management wise and how the Havenly process works plus work and home duties.

Get this: I have had this post sitting around since last month as just a heading. I like to come up with topics ahead of time and come back. I have used this system since I created this website and I usually have no problems with scheduling the posts a few days before Thursday, my chosen publish day. However, now that my work load is growing, I need to find a new system. Why am I calling this a system you may ask, well, I have a few things on the back-end to plan my blog posts, Instagram posts and in general a list of things to get done. I have a content calendar (which I haven't even opened this month, don't judge me), a physical planner and I also have my calendar on Havenly that keeps me on track. I even made a to-do list of goals I want to accomplish on my iPhone. I like to write down/type things even if I don't look at it today or tomorrow, it's there when I do need/want to look.

Some of those goals include:

- Vision Board for 2018

- Read "Branding + Interior Design"

- Create blog post titles for January (ha...)

- Brainstorm blog themes for the year (...ha...again)

- Edit logo and header with new font

-Schedule posts 2 weeks in advance (this has been my process, but you see what had happened was...)

& other work and personal goals.

So, I DID make time to read my book (almost finished) and I made my vision board the other day! Also, I did update my header to reflect the new font (check it out!) and updated my portfolio (check this out, too!)

Here's my vision board:

I think we are all still getting into the groove of things after some time off and we just need a week or two to refresh our minds. I was off from work as of December 22nd, went to work Jan. 2nd, worked two whole days and then the snow storm came and I was home another two days plus the weekend. I'm still on vacation, or at least my mind is, sort of.

My best advice, if you are anything like me, write anything and everything down. Need structure? Get a planner, it can be digital or paper, or both (this me.) I really love Passion Planner because it includes monthly reviews for me to reflect & a yearly goals web diagram.

You know what I love? Sticky notes. Use them if you feel you don't have enough time to write things out completely. Write with bullet points and short phrases and stick it in your journal/planner/notebook.


I need them because my mind likes to jumble things together and with highlighters, I can focus on the important stuff.

(See below for the my favs..I may receive payment if you buy from the links provided).

Working on creating systems for your new baby business? I'm using Trello for personal projects going forward and have a system there so I can just copy + paste and move on through the steps, the key is to have pre-made items for anything you can think of to speed up productivity. Less time on the tedious stuff and more time on the creative, fun stuff. (Thank you, Creative Pursuit School & BloomHustleGrow!)

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See you soon!

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