Tips On How You Can Get Your Space Into The Holiday Spirit

It seems once Halloween rolls around, in a blink of an eye, it is Thanksgiving, then Christmas and whoa, it's the New Year!


Or not...

Let's rewind a bit and focus on some easy decorating tips that can help you easily decorate after Thanksgiving for Christmas & New Year's Eve.

For your dining area, it's as simple as switching out small accessories and keeping the bigger items like table runner/table cloths and silverware.

For your living room, Christmas trees are usually the focal point. If you have a fireplace, dress up the mantle with and place some floor vases on the hearth.

The good thing is the theme for Thanksgiving is usually a mix of Fall inspiration mixed with Wintery shimmer. Use a neutral color scheme as your base and add pops of color and metallic accents to create the mood. As you get closer to Christmas, it's typically cold in most parts of the states. Cold temperatures = warm up your home, physically and aesthetically. For Christmas, there's shades of white, silver and gold accents and of course, standard red and green. You don't have to feel compelled to decorate your house in all red and green.

If you want a winter wonderland, use white, silver and blue (feel free to add some gold!).

If your aesthetic is more rustic, think of a cabin in the woods with snow cascading the landscape out your window on the tall pine trees. surrounding you. Use beige, brown, greens, whites (ivory & Winter white) as your scheme.

New Years is all about metallic, glitter, shimmers, jewel tones. Many people dress up in black for New Year's so why not add some to your space. You can't go wrong with black and gold or black and silver!

Are you seeing some of the same colors? Neutrals are great to start with and add in colors from nature around you.

Get creative!

These are just ideas to get you thinking, but really, the possibilities are E N D L E S S.

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