Happy Thanksgiving! What I Am Thankful For This Year

Happy Thanksgiving!

Many of us are getting ready to welcome family/friends, finishing up on preparing meal or some are, unfortunately, getting some rest before heading into work. Thanksgiving has a painful history which some choose to acknowledge. While we are celebrating today, we all should acknowledge the real history behind Thanksgiving and keep in mind what we want Thanksgiving to represent now.

To me, Thanksgiving is literally in the name, giving thanks, being grateful. I am so very grateful and thankful this year.

This year has truly been one that has opened my eyes and test my limits. I'm going to list the things I'm thankful for this year. You probably can relate especially if you are in the beginning stages of your career.

What I Am Thankful For This Year:

Having off for the holidays: SUPER IMPORTANT! It has been eight years since I had a Thanksgiving vacation. Once 2010 came came around, I was working at the mall selling calendars. Every year after that, I was working either Thanksgiving night (that one year H&M followed the trend with those big-box stores opening in the evening of Black Friday) and/or the weekend following.

My family: What would I do without my little family and my parents? This year, I was in a dark mental space two different times in the year. Lots of self-doubt, questioning my calling in life, not feeling adequate, and so much frustration. My family is my support system. Without any of my key players, I'd still be lost in my black cloud.

My health: Minus a few things, I'm healthy overall. I have all of my limbs intact, I am breathing and able to do all I need to do. For that, I am grateful.

My state-of-mind: Mental health is so very serious! Please make sure you give yourself grace and are making time for self-care. I sacrificed a few things in order to take a much needed family vacation this Summer and I do not regret it. It truly helped me clear my mind, get things off my chest and come back ready to work on my career.

My creativity: I'm so grateful that I was born a creative. Since I was young, art has been my "thing", my niche. I was known as the kid who could draw and it was no surprise that I majored in art in high school and continued on to college in a creative field. This is my calling. I meant to be creative and innovative for a living.

My drive & determination: I will be honest, my mind goes a mile a minute and sometimes it is hard to keep up. I'm still working out the systems of being efficient, but I keep going. I haven't been able to find a job in the interior design field that is full-time and will pay me well so, I'm taking matters into my own hands now and I'm so happy I'm on this path. I'm really happy.

Having a job: Above all else, I'm grateful to say I have a job. Job security is important. I've been fortunate to hold jobs and only leave them when I choose my time is up there and time to start somewhere else.

I wish everyone a happy & safe Thanksgiving day and weekend.

Have some fun playing some Spades/Dominoes, eat, drink some wine, coquito, eggnog and some of the hard stuff, too!

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