Top Picks Tuesday: Halloween Theme Decor

Happy Halloween!

Are you celebrating Halloween? Many people took advantage of the weekend to celebrate with costume parties since Tuesdays are right in the beginning of the work week... not exactly the best time to party hard!

Do you dress up your home for Halloween like you dress up yourself with a costume and makeup?

In the spirit of dark, scary, creepy and gloomy, I have put together a list of my top 10 favorite Halloween theme decor.

Check out this killer vignette of a Halloween-inspired bookcase! I spy Jonathan Adler pieces!

("secrets" & "dolls" canisters from the Vice collection)

Want floating candles like Harry Potter?

Click the image for a DIY how-to!

Wicked thorns, candles and ravens that make you think of Edgar Allen Poe.

A perfect set up to have as a backdrop to get comfortable and read "The Raven" with some friends/family.

Who doesn't like a spooky story?

Me...that's who...

Wouldn't it be awesome if you could pass out candy without leaving your seat?

Here's a perfect passive solution.

Make a DIY Candy Door Hanger.

(click the pic for instructions!)

2 Birds. One Stone.

Just don't forget to refill!


Yes, please! No need to carve out any pumpkins if it's not your thing or you don't have the time!

Get some acrylic paint (metallic colors for the win!), some hodge-podge glue and rhinestones to dress-up some pumpkins.

You can also buy spray paint to paint the whole pumpkin one finish.

(click the pic for instructions)

I really love the scientist/ vintage apothecary look for Halloween spaces.

Click the pic for free printouts to hang in your space.


These candle-holders though...

Creepy,yet chic.

They are giving me a Ursula-from-the-Little Mermaid-meets-Medusa vibe.

Click the pic to buy them or check out the other Halloween products you need for next Halloween.

Some more apothecary for you to love!

Now, customize those jars you were planning to get rid off and up-cycle!

Do you hang wreaths from your door during the holidays? With the change of the seasons?

What about for Halloween?

This is perfect for Halloween, deathly stunning...

This DIY Styrofoam skull potter is honestly perfect year-round, but especially for Halloween.

Dramatic decor.

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