Top 10 Tuesday: My Fall Decor Picks

October tends to bring true Fall weather, especially here in New England. Everywhere you look there are Fall decor and accents just waiting to be placed in someone's home. With Halloween approaching and Thanksgiving not to far away, it's hard not to get excited about refreshing your home to match the season.

Have you been working on bringing some of Fall into your home/ apartment?

Need some inspiration?

Here are (10) favorite types of decor to really introduce Fall into any space.


Fresh flowers are welcome year-round. Flowers not only look great as a centerpiece, but to me, they add a peaceful/serene feeling a space.

Knitted Blanket Throws:

I'm OBSESSED with chunky knit throws, chunky knit pillow covers, chunky knit scarves... just everything: chunky.knit.

Faux Fur Chair Throw:

I have a thing for faux furs. Faux fur is a wonderful touch of luxury. Look how soft it is! Who wouldn't want to cozy up with a throw like that?


I love candles year round, especially mildly scented ones with names that are odes to the season like "rainy day" or "midnight moon" or something like that.

Fabric Pumpkins:

They are a cute alternative to real pumpkins. Make your own or if your like me, try to snag a few to decorate your space. Plus: you get to keep them for next year ;]


I haven't hung one up on my door, but I've been thinking of getting one like this. Even when living in an apartment, its an inviting touch for guests coming through your door.

Vase Fillers:

In my new post on Thursday, you'll see I brought this same exact vase filler assortment, but I didn't use it in a vase. You'll see what I mean. Sometimes, you can find other ways to style your space with certain objects you have.

Antique Brass Accents:

When I see this finish, I think of warmth. When I think of warmth, I think of the cool days and nights. Perfect finish for Fall, plus, I love brass... any kind.

Plush, high pile shag rugs:

Again with the faux fur. This isn't a good idea when you have toddlers... I have a faux fur butterfly chair that got stained from a combo of crayon and orange juice (came out, thankfully). Maybe it could work in your bedroom...locked away from the toddler-saurus. My feet would be singing every time I stepped off my bed.

Seasonal Throw Pillows:

I really love graphic pillows. I like to change them up depending on the season or my mood. Because of that, I like having options so, pillow covers are the best way to go to change it up instead of getting 1,437 different pillows (unless you're cool with that).

Don't forget to do some Fall cleaning, light a candle, grab your favorite Fall beverage, and clear your mind, too.

Happy styling!

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