Top 10: #BlackGirlMagic Instagram Accounts

In no particular order, these are my TOP 10 Instagram Art/Design/Lifestyle accounts that sparkle in #BlackGirlMagic to follow:

-Zyaire Daley: AKA LowLives/HighAmbition. I might be a little bias, but OH WELL! This is my talented best friend. She has a deep love/passion for fashion and photography. Her style is unique as she tells her story through her lens as well as the vintage pieces she collects. Also, she's pretty a w e s o m e :]

-Neffi Walker: interior designer/furniture designer/owner of "The Black Home"/ & mom of 5. She made it on the Top 20 African American Designer's List this year and nothing is slowing her down as she works to open a larger space for her business in Baltimore. P.S. her nail game is on point!

-Debra Cartwright: You may have seen her illustrations and have been amazed (I know I have!). All over her account you will see tons of watercolor paintings. Soft, feminine, with a splash of carefree.

-Nakeia C. Homer: Just from her intro on her account alone draws you in... wanting to know more about her. Her soft, pastels-on-white with black accents soothe you as you scroll down her pictures. Encourager, she is as she has many encouraging words to give and tell with each post.

-MomCrushMonday: Her motto is "Empowerment through motherhood, style and hustle". Hello! YES! That's exactly what all moms-especially Black moms- need right about now. She keeps it real with you with advice and gives you life with the outfits she and her daughter wears.

-Elaine Welteroth: Editor-in-Chief Teen Vogue. She has completely changed the way people view and read Teen Vogue. They, with the help and direction of Elaine, are further opening the eyes of many, not just teens. They have been talking about pressing topics that many (including myself) are surprised, but so thankful that someone/something is reaching the next generations in a new and positive way.

Also, her hair is A M A Z I N G.

- Niki McNeil: I personally LOVE her style. She is an interior designer based in North Carolina and has a very interesting story of her journey through her career on her blog, "SingleBubblePop" (such a catchy name!) She's worked on projects for HGTV behind the scenes. She's also a hardcore thrifter (BEER-BUDGET VIBES)

- Nikki Chu: Her style is the definition of HOLLYWOOD GLAM. Love it. She is a celebrity designer, working with countless top names and has her own home decor line, items you can get on an IPA-beer-budget (spend a little more, but still within reach...and tasteful)

- The Event Maker: AKA M.Red Design, BKA Micaela Redmond. I really love the fact that she is not only an interior designer, but she started out in event planning (hence the name, 'The Event Maker'). She also cooks so, she posts some yummy food and yummy interiors

- Casa Vilora: AKA Veronica Solomon. She's an interior designer based in Katy, Texas. I really love the fact that I found her mentor group on Facebook BY ACCIDENT. I had already been following her on Instagram and when I stumbled upon her group, I had a deeper love for her. Straight from Jamaica, she gives it to you straight, no sugar-coating. I appreciate her being so honest and lifting other designers up... its very much needed.

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